CSC’s Mission

CSC is dedicated to coaching you toward clarity for life… clarity on your purpose, clarity on your freedom, and clarity through your culture.

We do this by showing you the fundamentals of long-term habit change and by clearly defining the different parts of your purpose. Concepts like personal responsibility, your inward and outward identity, and the relationship you have with time are all important steps to understand before clarity becomes a regenerating force in your life.

The challenge of defining clarity and purpose is that both are constantly changing and that both are never complete. They’re a part of the ongoing creative process that happens when your consciousness unfolds each day. And although this approach involves many things specific to your culture, circumstance, and level of commitment, it all begins with awareness.

Being aware of the cultural lens you see the world through helps you create your own version of purpose and allows you to work toward clarity in the areas you need it most. And the goal isn’t to change who you are, it’s to reveal your potential and act on it. 

We accomplish this through personal coaching, practical exercises, and a principles-are-simple approach. These coaching services are designed to capture specific principles like awareness and action as well as values like freedom and intelligence in a cycling process that builds upon itself.

If you’re ready to learn, willing to commit to personal growth, and just tired of the anxiety that comes when you slip back into those destructive habits that are holding you back, then you’ve come to the right place.

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