Are you ready for change now?

Are you tired of constantly sliding back into old habits?

Are you ready to shift those patterns in your life that have been holding you back, but just couldn’t figure out how to by yourself?

Well, you’re not alone. No one can do it all by themselves and everyone needs a mentor to assist them in personal growth at some point in their lives.

The Immersion Coaching Program is specifically tailored to address these all-too-common challenges that we face in the modern world, while also honoring your unique circumstance and your unique culture.

It brings all of the principles of clarity together over a 5-day period in a way that’s not possible with the shorter Coaching Sessions. And unlike the other coaching services offered by CSC, this program is only available in Montana. This is because a remote environment is required for the parts of this experience that involve nature.

This program is designed to assess your critical sticking points with in-depth coaching sessions and daily challenges, and then to address these sticking points with immersive learning experiences and practical exercises that are specifically designed to pull you out of your comfort zone and reveal the limiting beliefs in your life.

All of this is followed by a day of introspection and stillness, located in the beautiful mountains of western Montana.

Here’s what you get with Immersion:

  • Initial Assessment: an in-depth coaching session to personalize your program
  • 5 Days of Coaching: ongoing coaching sessions to practice the principles and work through the clarity process
  • *Group Coaching: only if you applied for a group program
  • Field Trips: mini-adventures to open your perspective and reveal limiting beliefs about yourself or the world around you
  • Practical Exercises: evidence-based tactics and strategies that are designed to match your specific needs, culture, and life circumstance
  • Personal Challenges: personally customized challenges that integrate changes in your everyday life
  • Day of Stillness: a day of relaxation and introspection at a scenic location
  • Follow-Up Sessions: two Coaching Sessions to clarify long-term strategies and goals

For additional information and to apply for Immersion,

click here:      Immersion Program